Slide Pargas Poolad Shams Piping material supplier Oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant and construction Industrial pipes, fittings and valves Slide Pargas Poolad Shams It has one of the largest piping warehouses in Tehran Slide Production of flanges by A105 forging method in the company's factory in Kashan

About pargas poolad

Pargas Poolad Shams Commercial Engineering Company has started its commercial activity in the field of supplying equipment and pipes, fittings, valves and industrial hardware and is currently one of the largest stockists and suppliers (Piping Material) in Iran. This company has been able to provide a wide range of needs of the oil, gas, petrochemical and power plant industries of domestic customers.

Why entrust the supply of parts to Pargas Poolad Shams?

We are ready to serve you with a bag of experience in a young and friendly group.

This collection always offers the best market rates in the field of pipes and fittings.

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The possibility of inspecting goods in the collection warehouse


Fast shipping to all parts of Iran


Fast shipping to all parts of Iran


The most up-to-date and the lowest price in the market

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CS carbon steel pipes


Carbon steel flanges and fittings


Industrial Valves


SS stainless steel pipes


Fire-fighting equipment

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Instrumental equipement


Non metallic pipes and fittings


SS stainless steel flange and fittings


High pressure connections

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